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Committed to the service of law and justice in the Church, the CLSA regularly awards scholarships to students pursuing a degree in canon law. The scholarship fund, for which an annual Lenten appeal is conducted, reflects the Society’s pledge to educate further generations of canon lawyers. At its forty-seventh annual convention in 1985, the Canon Law Society of America instituted its scholarship fund and later determined the details of the administration of the fund as well as the scholarship criteria at its annual meeting in 1987. The Society initiated the scholarship by internal funding among the CLSA members in 1986, and the annual CLSA Scholarship Fund Appeal continues to the present. The CLSA Scholarship Award is awarded for tuition costs only. The Board of Governors determines the total amount of funding available for the next funding year at its January board meeting; the value of the award is based upon a percentage of the scholarship fund as of December 31st. Applications for a CLSA Scholarship are processed at the Office of the Executive Coordinator of the CLSA by April 15th of each calendar year, in order to qualify for the following academic year. A sub-committee of the Board of Governors recommends the recipient(s) for approval by the entire Board of Governors.

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