CLSA Proceedings 2014


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CLSA Proceedings 2014, 76th Annual Meeting, 460pp., ISBN 978-1-932208-39-9

The theme for the 2014 convention, “The Unity of the Church: Challenges and Prospects,” provided the groundwork for three major addresses: “Christian Unity Fifty Years After Vatican II” by Most Reverend Brian Farrell, LC; “Future Paths for the Ecumenical Movement: Canonical Considerations, Challenges, and Contributions,” by Dr. Myriam Wijlens; and “Marriage in the Eastern and Western Churches,” by Chorbishop John. D. Faris.

Proceedings of the Canon Law Society of America publish the texts of addresses, seminars, and reports presented at the annual CLSA convention. The entries of each number represent a wide variety of canonical issues. Tribunal statistics for the previous calendar year are also included.

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  • “Christian Unity Fifty Years After Vatican II” – Most Reverend Brian Farrell, LC (pp. 1-12)
  • “Future Paths for the Ecumenical Movement: Canonical Considerations, Challenges, and Contributions” – Doctor Myriam Wijlens (pp. 13-41)
  • “Marriage in the Eastern and Western Churches” – Chorbishop John D. Faris (pp. 42-72)


  • “Proofs by Witnesses in Marriage Nullity Trials” – Reverend Peter Akpoghiran (pp. 73-118)
  • “Lay People as ‘Protagonists in the Church’: Pathways for the Future” – Doctor Anne Asselin (pp. 119-136)
  • “Diocesan Indebtedness: Will We Be Selling the Cathedral?” – Doctor Diane Barr (pp. 137-147)
  • “The Office for Promoter of Justice: One Thought Nearly Irrelevant Again Becomes Relevant” – Reverend Thomas T. Brundage (pp. 148-160)
  • “Building from the Ground Up: Creating the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter” – Doctor Margaret Chalmers (pp. 161-176)
  • “Executive Offices of Governance in the Particular Church” – Reverend James J. Conn, SJ (pp. 177-199)
  • “The ‘Newness’ of the New Evangelization and Canon Law” – James-Daniel Flynn (pp. 200-216)
  • “Practical Guidelines for Aging Institutes” – Sister Amy Hereford, CSJ (pp. 217-236)
  • “Ecumenical Activity in the Tribunal: Dignitas Connubii, Articles 2-4″ – Reverend Michael Joyce, CM (pp. 237-250)
  • “Marriages of Oriental Catholics at Latin Parishes: Canonical Considerations” – Very Reverend Francis J. Marini (pp. 251-271)
  • “The Unfinished Business of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches” – Most Reverend David Motiuk (pp. 272-315)
  • “Development of the Saint Peter Ordinariate: A Bishop’s Perspective” – Most Reverend Kevin Vann (pp. 316-326)
  • “Sacramental Issues in Ministry to Hispanics” – Reverend Manuel Viera, OFM (pp. 327-342)
  • “From Generation to Generation: Challenge and Opportunity” – Sister Patricia Wittberg, SC (pp. 343-358)