CLSA Proceedings 2013


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CLSA Proceedings 2013, 75th Annual Meeting, 424pp., ISBN 978-1-932208-37-5

The theme for the 2013 convention, “Celebrating 75 Years: Honoring the Past, Building the Future,” provided the groundwork for three major addresses: “The Past as Prologue: A Consideration of Canon Law in the United States” by Most Reverend John J. Myers; “Response to and Prevention of Clerical Misconduct: Current Praxis,” by Most Reverend Charles J. Scicluna; and “The Interaction of Theology, Law, and Life from the Perspective of Bishops,” by Most Reverend Brian Dunn.

Proceedings of the Canon Law Society of America publish the texts of addresses, seminars, and reports presented at the annual CLSA convention. The entries of each number represent a wide variety of canonical issues. Tribunal statistics for the previous calendar year are also included.

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  • “The Past as Prologue: A Consideration of Canon Law in the United States” – Most Reverend John J. Myers (pp. 1-14)
  • “Response to and Prevention of Clerical Misconduct: Current Praxis” – Most Reverend Charles J. Scicluna (pp. 15-28)
  • “The Interaction of Theology, Law, and Life from the Perspective of Bishops” – Most Reverend Brian Dunn (pp. 29-58)



  • “Publish or Perish: Transparency and the Marriage Nullity Process” – Reverend John P. Beal (pp. 59-84)
  • “Canonist-Client Confidentiality” – Very Reverend Phillip J. Brown, SS, & Sister Lynn McKenzie, OSB (pp. 85-99)
  • “Conditioned Consent: A Theoretical and Practical Overview” – Timothy J. Cavanaugh (pp. 100-119)
  • “Associates and Their Relationships to Religious Institutes: Gifts and Challenges” – Sister Deborah M. Cerullo, SSND (pp. 120-130)
  • “To Protect and To Serve: Sacramental Records and the Lived Faith They Represent” – Jay Conzemius (pp. 131-147)
  • “The Special Faculties: Documents and Process” – Honorable Francis Dolan (Ret.), Reverend Monsignor Daniel A. Smilanic, & Deacon Daniel G. Welter (pp. 148-152)
  • “Fifty Years After Sacrosanctum Concilium: Juridical Considerations on the Celebration of the Eucharist” – Doctor Chad J. Glendinning (pp. 153-182)
  • “Recent Papal Norms and the Recent Internal Measures to Ensure Timeliness at the Roman Rota” – Most Reverend Monsignor Pio Vito Pinto & Most Reverend Monsignor David-M.A. Jaeger, OFM (pp. 183-185)
  • “Irregularities and Impediments for the Exercise of Orders: Context and Praxis” – Reverend Robert J. Kaslyn, SJ (pp. 186-218)
  • “Steward and Servant: The Diligence of a Good Householder” – Reverend Monsignor William J. King (pp. 219-237)
  • “Some Issues Related to Collaboration Between American and Mexican Ecclesiastical Tribunals” – Reverend Mario Medina Balam (pp. 238-253)
  • “International Priests Serving in the U.S. Dioceses” – Very Reverend Mark O’Connell (pp. 254-274)
  • In Favorem Fidei: The Favor is for the Asking” – Reverend Monsignor C. Michael Padazinski (pp. 275-285)
  • “Lay Ecclesial Ministry Project on Authorization: Results of Grant Project” – Doctor Lynda Robitaille, Zabrina R. Decker, & Susan Mulheron (pp. 286-301)
  • “The Defender of the Bond” – Sister Victoria Vondenberger, RSM (pp. 302-324)