CLSA Proceedings 2010


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CLSA Proceedings 2010, 72nd Annual Meeting, 368pp., ISBN 1-932208-28-3

The theme for this year’s convention was “Renewal of Law.” Major addresses were “The Stability and Dynamism of the Canonical Juridical System” by Most Reverend Juan Ignacio Arrieta; “The Renewal of Law in the Spirit  of a Church Communion” by Most Reverend V. James Weisgerber; and “The Canon Law of Marriage: Ever Old, Ever New” by Reverend Monsignor John A. Alesandro.

In the Proceedings of the Canon Law Society of America are published the texts of addresses, seminars, and reports presented at its annual convention. The entries of each number represent a wide variety of canonical issues. Tribunal statistics for the previous year are also included.

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  • “The Stability and Dynamism of the Canonical Juridical System” – Most Reverend Juan Ignacio Arrieta (pp. 1-20)
  • “Sabilité et dynamisme du système juridique canonique” – Most Reverend Juan Ignacio Arrieta (pp. 21-40)
  • “The Renewal of Canon Law in the Spirit of a Church of Communion” – Most Reverend V. James Weisgerber (pp. 41-49)


  • “Confidential Communications and the Law” – Reverend Phillip J. Brown, SS (pp. 83-114)
  • Dignitas Connubii: Five Years Later” – Reverend Paul D. Counce (pp. 115-126)
  • “Navigating the Holy See” – Doctor Barbara Anne Cusack (pp. 127-141)
  • “The Notion of Moral Certitude with Particular Application to the Acts Mentioned in Canon 1682 §2 (CCEO, c. 1368 §2)” – Mister William Daniel (pp. 142-174)
  • “Advocacy: Civil and Canon Law Issues” – Doctor Patricia M. Dugan (pp. 175-188)
  • “Canonical Form of Marriage Throughout the Centuries: Seeing Pope Benedict XVI’s motu proprio Omnium in Mentem in Context” – Reverend Monsignore Frederick C. Easton (pp. 189-204)
  • “Creating Vibrant and Dynamic Parishes” – Most Reverend Joseph A. Galante (pp. 205-208)
  • “The Missale Romanum, Edito Typica Tertia: Organic Continuity and Growth” – Reverend Monsignor James P. Moroney (pp. 209-216)
  • “A History of the Pastoral Provision (1980-2010)” – Reverend Monsignor William H. Stetson (pp. 217-227)
  • “A Renaissance of Creative Fidelity in a Time of Retrieval and Reconnoitering” – Sister Marlene Weisenbeck, FSPA (pp. 228-248)
  • “Interchurch Marriages and Pastoral Care in SIckness: A Canonical Consideration” – Doctor Myriam Wijlens (pp. 249-266)