CLSA Proceedings 1983


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CLSA Proceedings (1983), 45th Annual Convention, 354 pp. (pages 1-234 available online), ISBN 0-943616-22-0

October 10-13, 1983, San Francisco, California

This publication is available as a searchable .pdf; it is no longer in print.

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Major Addresses:

  • “Canon Law as an Instrument for Ecclesial Reform: A Historic Perspective” – James A. Brundage (pp. 1-17)
  • “Rights and Duties of Diocesan Bishops” – Thomas J. Green (pp. 18-36)
  • “Internal Governance in Consecrated Life” – Sharon Holland, IHM (pp. 37-48)
  • “Officials of the Tribunal: Terminology, Qualification, Responsibility” – Harmon Skillen (pp. 49-62)
  • “The Role of the Canonist in the Contemporary Church” – Bertram F. Griffin (pp. 63-78)

Major Seminars:

  • “Laws and Non-Laws” – James A. Coriden (pp. 79-91)
  • “Collaboration: Key Concept for Religious and Bishops in the Diocese” – M. Thaddea Kelly, PBVM (pp. 92-99)
  • “The Preliminary Experience of Mandatory Review in Diocesan Tribunals” – Daniel J. Murray (pp. 100-111)
  • “Offices of the Diocesan Curia: Interrelationships and Creative Possibilities” – Charles Torpey (pp. 112-125)


  • “The Canonist: Obstructionist or Enables for Women in the Church” – Committee on Women in the Church (pp. 126-153)
  • “Deceit/Error of Person as Caput Nullitatis” – J. James Cuneo (pp. 154-166)
  • “Multiple Marriages” – Anthony C. Diacetis (pp. 167-170)
  • “Confidentiality in Tribunals” – Edward J. Dillon (pp. 171-181)
  • “Rights and Duties of Pastors” – Thomas Doran (pp. 182-192)
  • “Degrees of Voluntary Separation and Congregational Responsibility” – Anne Fulwiler, IHM (pp. 193-200)
  • “Ecumenical Aspects of the New Law” – Otto Garcia (pp. 201-220)
  • “Authority and Obedience in Consecrated Life” – Richard A. Hill, SJ (pp. 221-229)
  • “Punishment for Individual Crimes” – William P. Wolfe (pp. 230-234)