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Upcoming Webinars

Welcome to our webinars page!

The Board of Governors and the Administrative Office are excited to announce the revival of our webinar series in March of 2020.

How it works

An email invitation will be sent to all members (associate, active and student) at least two weeks before each scheduled webinar. Members will have a chance to sign up for the broadcast, with the ability to  cancel prior to the date if they learn that they cannot attend. A members-only Discount Code will accompany most webinars. Members must enter that code when they register in order to be able to attend for free.

Non-members will have a chance to sign up for webinars for a small fee.

We will check membership status prior to confirming registrations. Our staff will send eligible registrants a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 

All webinars will be recorded and posted on our website, along with any handouts and a follow-up Q&A (for questions not answered during the broadcast). 

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Please check back frequently for additional content.

Webinar Archive


October is the month of our annual convention. This year, due to the global pandemic, we will hosting a virtual convention on October 12, 13 and 14 featuring a mix of live and pre-recorded seminars, talks and question and answer sessions. These video presentations will NOT be available as webinars outside of the convention context. Sign up now so as not to miss these valuable presentations.

We will host a monthly webinar later in October, so check back here and watch for email announcements also. The October webinar is likely to not be the fourth webinar in the penal law series, but rather a stand-alone topic. Details will be announced and registration opened at the conclusion of the convention.

  • Please contact Donna Miller at if you have any questions related to our webinar programs.


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