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Member Services

The Canon Law Society of America provides its members with services and benefits that are within the unique ability of the Society to provide.




The CLSA's annual convention provides incomparable access to world-renowned canonists who have been instrumental in  shaping the Church since the end of the Second Vatican Council. For students who are studying canon law, the experience of attending an annual convention can be as momentous as graduation itself. In addition to the opportunities that are provided by attendance at our annual convention, CLSA members can be invited to join committees that provide regular opportunities to meet and associate with other CLSA members and with other canonists from all over the world. Those who serve on our Board of Governors have additional opportunities to interact and to influence the life of the Society. Our members also learn better ways to serve their dioceses, parishes, religious institutes, societies of apostolic life, secular institutes, and other Catholic organizations. The SocialLink side of our website provides unique opportunities for our members to engage in targeted discussion of important issues, to connect with each other in pre-set and self-designated groups, and to share their thoughts and experiences through hosting their own blogs.   


Annual Convention

The CLSA's annual convention takes place in October of each year. Our members have the opportunity to sign up first, at a discounted rate, and to reserve hotel rooms in the main hotel where the convention is held. The convention provides:

  • Opportunities for in-person gatherings with friends and classmates in metropolitan settings that provide unique dining and entertainment experiences;
  • Networking opportunities to expand one's contacts in order to become acquainted with others who can assist with professional development;
  • Keynote addresses from renowned canonists, theologians, or members of the Church hierarchy who can inspire and enlighten us on how canon law plays a role in the life of the Church;
  • Seminars on topics that fit with the convention theme and which can enlighten and educate attendees on the most current topics in the field of canon law;
  • An opportunity to vote on the leaders who will guide the Society into the future, as only active member attendees at the convention are allowed to vote;
  • Attendance at the annual banquet where the annual Role of Law Award winner is unveiled and is given the opportunity to address convention attendees.


  • Proceedings from the annual convention - free to CLSA members
  • Roman Replies and CLSA Advisory Opinions - free to CLSA members who attend the annual convention
  • Substantial discounts on CLSA publications
  • Ability to contribute as a writer or editor on CLSA publications

Quarterly Newsletters

Four times a year, CLSA members receive our electronic newsletter to update them on the latest events and remind them of upcoming deadlines. In each issue, our Board President and Executive Coordinator provide insight into what is happening with the leadership and membership of our organization. We also highlight new members who have joined the Society since the last newsletter was issued.



In March of 2020, the CLSA renewed its webinar series and broadcast its first program since 2014. These webinars, presented by our own CLSA members, provide a unique opportunity for CLSA members to gain in-depth knowledge on specific topics, at no cost -- the webinars are free to members. Moreover, CLSA members can access the recorded webinars at their convenience, free of charge, on our website. In April of 2020, we began offering these webinars to non-members for a fee, and we have had overwhelming interest and success in this endeavor. Members are notified of the opportunity to sign up via email two weeks ahead of the broadcast date. Participation and feedback has been outstanding, and this benefit has shown to have unlimited potential.  



This newest benefit for our members has endless possibilities. In April of 2020 we began recording interviews with renowned canonist members who have contributed to the field of canon law over the last 50+ years. This first series of podcasts features interviews of many Role of Law Award recipients. In the first four weeks we featured Rev. Francis Morrisey, OMI, Monsignor Fred Easton, Sister Victoria Vondenberger, and Rev. Paul Golden, CM. By preserving their stories and  recounting their experiences throughout their esteemed and accomplished careers, these remarkable canonists are sharing their wisdom and their selfless love of the Church with their fellow members. These podcasts are available through our members-only portion of the website. Only CLSA members are invited to listen to each podcast as it is released. In our future podcast series, only CLSA members will be invited to share their stories.  


Store Discounts

When you log in as a CLSA member, you will receive discounts to the items in our online store. These include our codes, commentaries, handbooks, convention proceedings, advisory opinions, replies from the various dicasteries of the Holy See, and other publications that have been published by the Society. We are working on new and revised publications constantly, and these will be offered to CLSA members before the general public--at significant savings!   


Scholarship Opportunities

CLSA members will be given priority for scholarship consideration. Our CLSA members are incredibly generous in supporting the CLSA scholarship program. We recognize that there are individuals who might need extra help with covering costs, and the generosity of our members is a testament to how they value the pursuit of pontifical degrees in canon law (licentiate and doctorate) from universities in the United States, Canada and Europe. 


Sister Organizations Discounts

For a period of two years (2020-2021) the CLSA has agreed to provide our sister organization's members with attendance at our own annual convention at the same price that our own members pay. In return they will provide for our CLSA members: 
  • Canadian Canon Law Society (CCLS) convention attendance at member prices.
  • Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland (CLSGBI) convention attendance at member prices.
  • Canon Law Society of Australia and New Zealand (CLSANZ) convention attendance at member prices.


Contact Us


PHONE: 202.832.2350
FAX: 202-832-2331