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Welcome to the Discussion Forums!

This feature of the website is called Forums. It is an area where members can communicate on topics of a specific or a general nature. For example, if you want to ask for help with how to petition for a rescript, you can go to the category set up for Book One of the Code and type in your question. Or if you need assistance with a case involving hierarchical recourse, you can post a question under the Book Seven category. If you are nor sure which Book best applies, you can post under the miscellaneous category. 

You can even:

  • attach a file for sharing or an image if it is pertinent to your situation; 
  • subscribe to receive an email on your personal email when someone posts in a Forum.

Any CLSA member who subscribes to participate in that given Forum can then read your inquiry and respond. Categorizing the topics makes sorting and finding a topic easier. You can search for a topic in the search area at the top of each Forum title.

This feature is similar to the canon law discussion group that is open to canonists around the world. But participants here must be CLSA members. Discussions that are shared here are meant to be private and are not to be shared unless:

  • the consent of all of those who participate in a given thread is sought and obtained, or
  • the thread is prefaced with a note that a questions is being asked on for the purpose of conveying or rendering an opinion to someone who has asked the question to a canonist member of the CLSA.

Names of contributors should not be revealed to anyone outside of the Forum, even if you have indicated that you are asking a question in order to formulate a response for a non-member.

The Forum topics that are listed here were initiated to introduce members to the Forums feature. If you think that a particular topic should stand alone, please contact From time to time a new category may appear if it is necessary for that topic to stand outside of the existing categories. 


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