How do I access the CLSA Member Directory?

The CLSA Member Directory is now accessible with member credentials. Using the navigation bar, hover over the “Members Only” field and select the “Member Directory” option from the drop-down menu.

Your Member Directory entry is linked to your User Account (username/password), but it is not one and the same. In practice, this means that you can specify shipping and billing addresses on your User Account that are visible only to you, to office personnel, and in the case of an online bookstore purchase, to authorized BrightKey warehouse staff. In contrast, you can select an address (such as a Tribunal) that is your “professional” address and point of contact in the Member Directory.

You will still have the autonomy to edit your Directory entry. The website uses a plug-in called “Link,” that matches your registered User Account email to the email in the Member Directory entry. This connection will allow you to edit your Directory contact information without office moderation, as established in the terms of the Privacy Policy. You may also contact the administrative office and request that information be deleted.

I am logged into the website with my username/password. Why am I encountering a 404 page?

When you have successfully accessed the Members Only section (by virtue of entering your username/password), you should be able to view member content without restriction. If you have encountered a 404 page, please verify that you are signed in and recognized with member credentials. If problems persist, please contact

What is the status of annual Proceedings?

Proceedings of the 80th Annual Convention (2018) is in production. All members who remained active through FY 2018-2019 will receive a complimentary copy by mail. These books ship at a non-profit rate, and as such, are not subject to the same Standard Mail delivery timetables.