The Board of Governors of the Canon Law Society of America has appointed Rev. Patrick Cogan, SA, as the new Executive Coordinator, effective August 1, 2017 for a three-year term.  The position has been restructured with an emphasis on publications, and it is part-time, working primarily from one’s residence.

Reverend Cogan is a member of the Atonement Friars.  He received his doctorate in canon law from Saint Paul University as well as an STL from The Catholic University of America.  He has served in a variety of positions related to canon law.  He was professor at Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland (1990-1992), previously served as Executive Coordinator of the CLSA (1992-1999), and was professor at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (2000-2012).  More recently he was pastor at Christ the Redeemer Parish in Sterling, Virginia.  He received the Role of Law Award in 2012 from the CLSA.

He is editor of several canon law volumes, including Issues in Religious Law and Canon Law Digest, volumes 13 and 14.  While serving as Executive Coordinator previously, he prepared more than 25 volumes for publication.

The CLSA is headquartered in Washington, DC,  with a full-time General Secretary.  It serves approximately 1,200 canonists around the world.  The annual fall conference, as well as various publications and other resources, offer opportunities for professional development.

The Society’s current president is Rev. Bruce Miller, JCL.  Fr. Miller is delighted to welcome Fr. Cogan once again to the CLSA office.